EDF sustainability

EDF is committed to acting sustainably, be it on a global, national or local scale. Because sustainability affects us all.
EDF already has the lowest emissions of any major energy-producing company in our core business area of Europe.

Economic profitability, environmental performance and social well-being

At EDF, sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do. But what does that mean? For us, sustainability means:

  • Making a positive impact on society and on the environment
  • Offering products and services that respect social and environmental concerns as much as financial concerns
  • Thinking and acting long term
In other words, sustainability is the balance between economic profitability, environmental performance and social well-being. If we can achieve this balance between human need and environmental protection, then we can live today in a way that ensures the same – or greater – freedoms, resources and lifestyle choices for tomorrow.

Nine commitments to respond to three key challenges

Environment: tackling climate change and protecting biodiversity

1. Remain, as a Group, the lowest carbon emitter among the major European energy utilities
2. Adapt our fleet and our customer offers to promote climate protection
3. Reduce our environmental impact, especially on biodiversity.

Social responsibility: Improving access to energy and developing close links with local communities

4. Promote access to energy and energy efficiency
5. Develop and sustain links with local communities where we work
6. Support education on major energy issues.

Governance: Contributing to the debate on sustainable development through dialogue, information, and communication

7. Develop the implementation of strategies and sharing of values within the Group and with stakeholders
8. Communicate and report on the Group's sustainable development activities and results
9. Contribute to the debate on sustainable development at both national and international level.

Indicators 2013

EDF Group Sustainable Development Indicators 2013

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