Corporate responsibility

Partnerships help to extend the Group’s long-standing economic, social, and environmental commitment to wider society. Rooted in the values shared by all EDF employees, our partnerships enable the Group to build close relationships with stakeholders, associations, and regional authorities.

For EDF Inc, being a good corporate citizen is integrated in everything we do. In addition, we are proud to serve and donate to the communitiesin which we live and work.

EDF Group supports projects under two major themes:

  • The environment and energy
  • Corporate social responsibility

Environmental and energy: our partnerships contribute to the preservation of nature (protecting natural environments and species) and to combating climate change (reducing carbon footprint), together with supporting the sciences, innovation and new technologies.

Corporate social responsibility: our partnerships promote diversity and proximity (access to energy and eco-efficiency, access to employment and vocational integration, tackling social exclusion, etc.) as well as health and medical research (medical and neuroscience research, etc.)