Renewable energy in Canada

Canada is planning a cleaner future for the country’s electricity supply, which makes it an exciting place to be developing renewable energy.
EDF EN’s mission is to produce green electricity and develop alternative energy technologies, worldwide.

Wind power is experiencing strong growth, with forecasts of a six-fold increase in generation, which would mean wind energy could generate 9% of total installed power capacity by 2035. Other renewable energy technologies are also growing fast: solar, tidal, biomass, landfill gas and waste heat energy are estimated to see a combined total of 139% increase in projected energy production within the next decade.

About EDF Energies Nouvelles Canada

In a position of financial strength, with several years' worth of experience, EDF Energies Nouvelles arrived on the Canadian market after winning a tender in 2008 and being chosen by electricity supplier, Hydro-Quebec, to carry out five wind-powered projects totalling 954 MW.

Its subsidiary EDF EN Canada offers a complete range of services for the development of wind farms and solar power plants and benefits from the support and experience of EDF Renewable Services in terms of its operation-maintenance service commitments.

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