Renewable energy

In the United States, renewable development as a weapon to fight global warming is initiated: the use of renewable resources in generating energy supply in the U.S. is growing and wind account for more than the third of capacity currently under construction. EDF is actively involved in the U.S. renewable energy industry.

Wind and Solar Energy in America

Renewable energy: The Need for Energy Policy

Electricity from wind, solar, biomass and hydro renewable energy sources currently account for 12% of the nation’s electricity generation. It’s a figure is projected to grow.

By fighting global warming at both the federal and state levels, energy policy incentives start being implemented to develop electricity supply from renewable sources. The government stimulus plan included $20 billion to drive investment in renewable energy development. Meanwhile, through Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), most U.S. states have driven renewable development by implementing energy policy that stipulates that a percentage of electricity generated must come from renewable energy.

EDF, an active player in the renewable energy sector

EDF is an active player in the renewable energy landscape through EDF Renewable Energy , subsidiary of EDF Energies Nouvelles. For 20 years, EDF Energies Nouvelles has been a pioneer in clean electricity generation, contributing to the diversification of energy sources and environmental protection. This experience puts EDF Energies Nouvelles today in the EDF Group's forefront of the renewable energy industry.

EDF Renewable Energy is dedicated in our efforts to create the most efficient renewable energy projects possible, for our own portfolio and for third parties. We have more than 25 years of expertise in the renewable industry, and a portfolio of over 5.9 GW of developed projects and 2.8 GW of installed capacity. We specialize in wind and solar photovoltaic with presence in other segments of the renewable energy market: biogas, biomass, hydro, marine energy, and storage solutions.

Our O&M group, EDF Renewable Services, is the leading provider of third-party operations and maintenance services in North America with over 8,000 megawatts of power under contract. EDF Renewable Services understands renewable energy facilities represent a substantial investment and takes an owner-operator approach to ensure maximum returns on the asset, full project value, and ongoing profitability for new and existing facilities. As part of a global organization with utility-scale wind and solar plants, the company brings depth of experience to every project.

EDF Renewable Energy

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