R&D and Innovation

Research & Development are part of EDF’s DNA. The R&D Group’s goal is to identify and prepare opportunities for mid- and long-term growth of clean energy while improving the EDF Group’s long-term operational performance. The areas of innovation in energy EDF studies span the entire electricity value chain, including generation, transport, distribution and consumption. The EDF group is committed to new energy research both in the United States and around the world.
R&D and Innovation The EDF Group is dedicated to R&D and Innovation

EDF R&D collaborates with the top North American institutions 

In the United States, the R&D and innovation sector is one of the largest and most dynamic in the world. This sector has some 1.3 million researchers. The EDF R&D Center team is located in Silicon Valley, where it collaborates with U.S new energy research organizations such as Universities, national laboratories, industry leaders and high level research institutes. These institutions are selected for their energy expertise or advanced research facilities.

Today, EDF s current areas of research are: new nuclear reactors, smart grids, energy efficiency and renewable.

The MIT Energy Initiative

EDF joined with the MIT Energy Initiative with the goal of enhancing and expanding the knowledge needed to accelerate innovation in energy: solutions for sustainable, clean, new energy technologies. As part of this strong partnership, EDF and the MIT Energy Initiative share the latest in technological and operational expertise, through the sponsorship of an MIT Energy Initiative fellow, specific new energy scientific projects, and participation in regular conferences, technical forums and educational exchanges.

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

In the electricity sector, the Electric Power Research Institute (“EPRI”) is one of the key EDF R&D partner organizations. It supplies technologies and as well as economic and strategic analyses to its members which represent more than 90% of the electricity generated in the United States and bring together around 40 countries. For several years, EDF has had resident researchers seconded to EPRI. The partnership with the EPRI covers multiple domains such as nuclear energy, renewable energy, smart grids, energy efficiency, and the capture and storage of CO2.     


The Innovation Team of the U.S. R&D Center complements two other EDF Innovation Teams in Asia and Europe.

This Team is dedicated to providing the EDF group with new energy technologies, products and business opportunities that are developed in the entrepreneurial business environment. Working hand-in-hand with EDF business units worldwide accelerates the adoption of new energy innovations, providing opportunities for new energy demonstration projects as well as access to new markets for more mature products.

The team can already account for several success stories of innovation in energy in a large variety of application fields - wind energy & solar power, energy efficiency, or smart grid applications.