Nuclear safety and security

Electricity safety is the top priority for EDF and our partners at all of our sites.

Electricity safety is the first imperative, guiding everything we do - in the maintenance, management and development of our existing nuclear sites, and in the planning, building and operation of new nuclear energy facilities.

Safety is the number one priority for EDF and its partners.

Nuclear energy facilities in the U.S. are among the safest and most secure of all the nation’s industrial facilities

For 50 years, the nuclear energy industry has not just maintained electricity safety, but has continuously invested billions of dollars to ensure increased electricity safety. Rigorous federal regulation and licensing laws determine that all nuclear energy facilities are strictly monitored to ensure they are well-designed, operated by trained professionals, protected from attack and prepared for any emergency. This means multiple layers of physical security and stringent levels of operational performance to protect nuclear facility workers, the public and the environment.

Electricity safety, and nuclear safety in particular, are also the top concerns for the organizations that regulate and represent the nuclear industry. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is the independent overseeing body in the U.S. for all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle, including the safe disposal of used fuel. The NRC continually strengthens regulations and licensing procedures, and NRC officials are on site at all nuclear facilities, daily to ensure compliance with federal laws.

  • Read the EDF Group's Nuclear safety policy (format pdf526Kb)

  • The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) is the industry’s policy organization

    The goal of NEI is to ensure policy formation, which promotes beneficial use of nuclear energy in the U.S.

    In operating three existing nuclear energy facilities, EDF and Exelon Corporation’s joint venture, CENG, adheres to strict U.S. government measures for nuclear energy facility safety, ensuring the highest standards for electricity safety.

    Advanced technology, operational safety and independent regulation form a solid base on which safe nuclear energy can develop. EDF firmly believes that the capability, skills and dedication of employees is also crucial to electricity safety. At all three of our existing nuclear sites, our recruitment policy and continuous training programs for employees reinforce the vital role they play in nuclear safety. All three of our nuclear energy sites have been awarded STAR status under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Voluntary Protection Program.

    In developing new nuclear facilities, UniStar – an EDF Group company– is giving people even more confidence that nuclear energy sources are as safe as they are clean, affordable and reliable.

    The safety features of reactor design were the key factor in UniStar’s choice of AREVA’s U.S. EPR for all its planned new nuclear energy units. Quite simply, it is the safest, most secure advanced technology available in the world today, surpassing rigorous federal standards for electricity safety.