Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant is based in Lusby, Maryland. Its two pressurized water reactors generate electricity for more than 1 million homes in the Mid-Atlantic region.

EDF Nuclear Activities in the United States

The environmental impact of nuclear energy is one of the lowest of any energy source because it produces no air pollution, isolates its waste and requires relatively little land. Advanced new nuclear energy facilities will generate jobs and income for local communities. Nuclear plants means low costs and stable prices for millions of homes and businesses.

In the United States, EDF owns 49.99% of 3 nuclear power plants operated by Exelon, the largest nuclear operator in the U.S. These nuclear power plants employs 2 400 people, generate 33.1 TWh and provide clean and reliable electricity to 3 million homes. Exelon is in charge of operation, maintenance, safety and security of the three power plants.

In addition, through its subsidiary UniStar, EDF Group has been positioning itself as a potential nuclear developer in the U.S., on a long-term approach. When economic conditions become favorable, a new nuclear plant would provide 4 000 U.S jobs during the construction, around 400 permanent positions and will help to reduce CO2 emissions by 7 000 000 tons.

The EPR - Power for the future

A new state-of-the-art nuclear reactor is under construction in France. EDF’s Flamanville 3 projectcan serve as a case study for how new nuclear facilities can bring safe, clean, reliable and abundant energy, with strong economic benefitsto their local economies.

The EPR (Evolutionary Pressurized Reactor) unit, currently under construction on an existing nuclear site in Normandy, will generate more power than any other single reactor in the world — with no CO2 emissions. With a capacity of 1.650 MW it will power over a million homes when it comes on line in 2016.