Our values

EDF aims to contribute to a better future based on sustainable development. We are a business that can deliver safe and reliable solutions to meet the world’s growing energy needs, while tackling climate change and protecting natural resources.

We aim to do our part in building a better tomorrow by offering clean, practical energy solutions and constantly striving to reduce their environmental impact.

Our five key values:

  • Respect for individuals
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Striving for excellence
  • Commitment to the community
  • The necessity of integrity.

Challenges and commitments

If nothing changes, by 2050 world energy demands and CO2 emissions will have doubled, and the demand for electricity will have tripled. Two thirds of all energy delivered will be supplied by burning fossil fuels.

But changes must be made, and they will require innovation, effort and investment across several fronts. That is why EDF is committed to:

  • Developing “carbon free” generation through new technologies
  • Promoting energy efficiency
  • Investing in R&D

EDF is the world’s largest nuclear energy producer, with a core base in Europe. Our investment in sustainable industrial growth is driven by key priorities:

  • Actively supporting a global renewal of nuclear energy use
  • Actively supporting development of renewable energy options and energy eco-efficiency solutions
  • Expanding and extending our services in the US, and around the world, while strengthening our leadership position in Europe

EDF is a leader in low carbon energy

With almost 50 years of experience in nuclear power, EDF operates the largest fleet of nuclear reactors in the world, with a combined output of 77.5 GW* (*in g/k Wh. Source: IEA). A global renewal of nuclear energy as a credible, CO2-free option will allow EDF to contribute its expertise.

Our CO2 emissions in Europe are almost three times lower than the average for the energy sector. In France, the showcase of our expertise, 95% of the energy generated by our French fleet is CO2-free, thanks to nuclear energy and hydropower.

By leading construction, in France, of Europe’s first advanced Evolutionary Pressurized Reactor (EPR), EDF is proving its ability to manage project complexity and to contribute significantly to local jobs and investment.

For 20 years, EDF EN has been a pioneer in green energy generation, contributing to the diversification of energy sources and environmental protection.

To support nuclear energy, EDF is committed to generating electricity from renewable sources and to finding innovative solutions – notably in energy efficiency – to help people and businesses manage their energy consumption.

EDF Energies Nouvelles (EDF EN), an EDF subsidiary, is our key driver in the renewable energies sector. The company is focused on wind and solar power, but also active in other sectors (biomass, bio fuels, biogas, small-scale hydro and tidal).

It all adds up to a broad range of practical solutions to make low-carbon energy supply a reality.