About EDF Group

EDF Inc. is the North American branch of the EDF Group. The EDF Group is a world leader in low-carbon energy solutions. We are the world’s largest nuclear energy company, with solid positions in major European countries and a growing presence in the U.S. EDF is committed to investing in sustainable industrial growth, based on three core principles:

  • Leading the global nuclear renewal
  • Fostering the development of renewable energies and energy efficiency
  • Expanding our services worldwide while strengthening our leadership position in Europe

A worldwide workforce of 158,467 people

Our greatest asset lies in our teams of skilled, motivated employees working together around the world. Our active recruitment policy offers thousands of young people the opportunity to contribute to changing energy, together.

Our three key values:

  • Respect 
  • Solidarity
  • Responsibility

Our commitment to sustainable development

All Group companies are committed to our sustainable development strategy:

  • Rising to the challenge of climate change and protecting biodiversity
  • Ensuring energy access and implementing local solutions
  • Advancing the debate on sustainable development.

R&D : a budget of € 543 M and more than 2,100 people

In France, 2,100 researchers are working on innovative solutions to three key global energy issues:

  • Minimizing CO2 emissions through the development of alternatives to fossil fuels
  • Bringing new technologies to our customers
  • Working on the security of electricity grids.